Cosmodic Therapy

The Cosmodic is an adaptive electrical stimulator that when placed on the skin helps heal and actually regenerate tissues of the body. It is capable of restoring the body back to its state prior to illness or disease.  It belongs in the family of electrotherapy devices such as the well known TENS unit and lesser known Scenar (non-invasive low frequency electro stimulators) but it could not be more different in that adapts to the human body. This FDA approved device is based on the technology that started as a part of the Russian space program for pain reduction without drugs.

Cosmodic Therapy: Benefits

Cosmodic Therapy promotes restoration on a cellular level. It is a holistic, energy-healing technology that aligns and strengthens the natural healing system of the human body. It promotes faster recovery from a wide variety of maladies, including simple colds, bruises, autoimmune diseases and degenerative disorders. It is non invasive, painless, drug free, completely safe means of healing and it cuts healing time by one half to two thirds.

Effective in a variety of ways, Cosmodic Therapy offers additional benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reduction of acute swelling and allergic reactions
  • Relief from spastic conditions
  • Fever relief
  • Normalization of organ function and metabolism
  • Improvement of general constitution: good and restful sleep, good appetite and good mood.

Cosmodic Therapy: Why It Works

The main principal of the Cosmodic is the auto-stabilization based on a feedback mechanism. I know that is a mouthful for the non engineering mind but let me tell you what that means in lay terms. When the Cosmodic is placed on the skin, it sends electrical signals to the body that are very similar to the messages our nerves send each other. The body then responds to the familiar stimulation in an adaptive manner, changing the electromagnetic properties of the skin in the area of stimulation. Now here is the important part: The Cosmodic will then screen the information from the body and using an adaptive feedback loop, modify its own signals according to the body’s response. The Cosmodic essentially and quite effectively opens a dialogue between itself and the body allowing feedback and stimulation until the body’s impulse is at the high frequency of the Cosmodic.

Now why does all this matter? The continual stimulation provides for massive releases of specific biochemicals called neuropeptides or regulatory peptides (RP) in the nervous system and specifically in the C-type nerve fibers forming the autonomic portion of the nervous system. The RPs, represent our body’s internal pharmacy of low molecular hormones, which keeps us in physiological balance known as good to great health. The RPs turn on and off various processes in the body including healing reactions. The blockage or delay of RP release results in slow or blocked healing. If the body is in this state of slow or blocked healing it will not always complete the program of disease to healing thus keeping the disease in place and even creating an energy field around it to quarantine it like a cyst. These cysts emit repetitive signals. Our bodies adapt to the signals and soon begin to stop paying attention thus keeping the cysts isolated and without a pathway for healing. They deplete our energy resources and our bodies begin to weaken. The Cosmodic can change all that by bringing the body’s awareness to the cyst and sending signals that will encourage the body to complete the process toward coherence and healing. It is truly a miraculous device and I’m thrilled to have it in my practice.

Cosmodic Therapy: History

Cosmodic Therapy is based on an earlier technology called Scenar, first conceived by Russian Dr. Alexander Karasev in 1972 and developed in the 1980s for use in the Russian space program. It was intended to help cosmonauts maintain a healthy standard while in space. It also assisted in accelerating their healing processes when they were ill.