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Carol Bilich :: Austin-based holistic bodyworker providing alternative therapeutic care

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Hello and welcome. I’m Carol Bilich (pronounced bill-itch). Are you experiencing pain? Dealing with post-surgical issues? Seeking a new level of personal performance and proactive wellness? I’ve been a holistic bodyworker for 20 years now and have been fortunate to help lots of people through alternative therapeutic care. There is something you need to know about my practice: this is not massage therapy!

I do use my hands, but in a manual integrative approach that facilitates your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Because everyone experiences pain differently, you and I will work closely together to find the best combination of my many techniques (modalities) for you as we seek to alleviate the pain and open the mind, body, and spirit. The more you participate in the process, the better you’ll feel. It is my goal to help you achieve optimal health and wellness as well as a feeling of self-empowerment!

Want to know more about me and what I do? Read the reasons others have chosen me as their holistic bodyworker and learn about my process. Scroll down this page to explore the variety of techniques at my command and read what others are saying about me. Then make your appointment and let’s start working on that pain.


What clients are saying

  • For the last 8 ½ years, Carol has been to me a trusted friend and confidant; a wonderful presence and a magnificent healer! She opened her heart, home and talents to me at a time when both traditional medicine and other alternate therapies completely failed me. Through her concentrated efforts, endless belief and magic hands, she brought me relief and then positive change and improvement. Carol is always flexible, open and honest about treatment options, alternative therapy and where you stand in terms of positive physical and psychological benefits. She is an asset to the healing community and a truly remarkable, hardworking person!
    S. McQuillen
  • Carol is a true healer and I cannot say enough positive things about the results my patients have had with her work. I have been referring patients to Carol Bilich for a few years and get back wonderful reviews. As a family physician you rarely get "thank you notes" for your referrals but I have received a number of these for referring to Carol. Her unique combination of skills has been tremendously helpful to my patients suffering from a wide variety of types of pain; chronic pain from scoliosis or old injuries, post surgical and post fracture pain, abdominal pain and even emotional pain. She is hands down our favorite bodyworker/therapist in Austin.
    Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD, Balcones Woods Family Medicine
Gentle hands-on touch therapies to enhance the body's natural healing processes.